(Very Intense Pressure Pulses)

CellSonic VIPP (Very Intense Pressure Pulses)

Attention Chronic pain suffers

FDA clears new device to

remove pain permanently

FDA Cleared device is clinically proven to remove chronic pain without the use of shots or pills.

About this revolutionary new treatment

  • The improvement is fast and no drugs are used so there are no side effects
  • No Drugs
  • No Side effets
  • Treatment is pain free
  • Achieves relief with one 20 min treatment
  • Cleared by the FDA

There are no side effects and no drugs.

Pain can now be healed at the root cause


This device has helped people just LIKE YOU remove pain quickly


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How does it work?

The painless procedure uses pressure pulses that repair nerves and regenerate new tissues.

On the opening day of this new procedure visitors flocked in with a promise of free treatment on the first day and they all had painful knees and backs

One treatment using this FDA-cleared device usually provides immediate relief.


Begin your pain free life today!

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